Portable Fast Charge QC 3.0 Single USB Port Adaptor/Charger for Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs

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Never get stuck without power! Fast Charge your smartphone up right from your power chair or scooter with the best adapter on the market! You can drive your wheelchair with the adapter plugged in. Portable. Carry with you at all times. Quick Charge explained: Quick Charge is designed to optimize power transfer in the early stages of charging, allowing users to unplug their devices with a suitable battery capacity after a short amount of time. Qualcomm boasts that it can charge some devices up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Power transfer in the latter stages of battery charging is much lower regardless of the charging tech used, hence why Quick Charge can boost your battery to 50 percent or more rather quickly, but will still take over an hour to fully charge your smartphone from zero charge. Devices that are Quick Charge 2.0 compatible can still work with a Quick Charge 3.0 charger but they will charge like they would with a Quick Charge 2.0 charger. A Quick Charge 3.0 compatible device will charge with Quick Charge 1.0 and 2.0, so if you think that you must have a Quick Charge 3.0 charger for a Quick Charge 3.0 device well there’s no need to! Quick Charge 3.0 compatible devices are backward compatible. Fast charging is really what the limits of your device is able to accept.

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